Gallery Page - Visit to Gin Palace
Wine Club visit to Hayman's Gin Distillery in Witham on Tuesday 13 June, which was much enjoyed by all. A group of our members had a very enjoyable visit to the Gin Distillery as the photographs below show.
The big brass hopper is called Marjorie
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An African Safari evening was held in a members garden on 13th July 2017 attended by about forty members. Food - Bobotie - South African dish consisting of curried mincemeat with a topping of beaten egg baked to a crust (what!) but very nice, with dining under the trees and a big canopy. Several members dressed for safaris, and some others in more exotic tribal dress with authentic material and accessories. Others just turned up and enjoyed themselves! We had things to do and play including - Assegai - A light spear or lance used by Bantu peoples of southern Africa, well not quite, but a large dart, the next best thing! Plus a garden Treasure Hunt. A good evening was enjoyed by all and the weather was kind as well. Thanks to Vee and Chris for all the organisation, well done.
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Which ‘Tribe’ is this lot?
Quite a spread with South African wine to wash it down.
Heybridge Sunset Cruise Some of our ‘seafaring’ members enjoyed an evening cruise on the Chelmer and Backwater Navigation Canal to Beeleigh Abbey and back, by all accounts it was a very enjoyable evening with lots of good food and wine. A few photographs from the trip.
A bit dark in here, shine a lamp Sam!
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